Golden Record

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FRI 29 MAR 2019 23:00-12:00 aka ends noon on Saturday • [GOLDEN RECORD x BLIND COLORS]

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Sammy Dee
Donny Burlin

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FRI 3/15

Mike Huckaby
Sven Weisemann
Ricky Gamez
Nathaniel Jay

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FRI 4/12

XDB (US Debut)


“To the makers of music – all worlds, all times”
– Quote engraved on Voyager Golden Record


Billions of miles from the Sun, a Golden Record – a selection of sounds and images portraying the diversity of life and culture on Earth – travels the vast reaches of outer space along side the Voyager Spacecraft… a cosmic message in a bottle.

Golden Record NYC is our harmonious message to the stars; a gathering of unique individuals united by a passion for our universal language – music.