KimoWino: procurement and courier service for custom wine purchases

With the unique ability that I call “empathy of wine,” I will cater to your needs and budget. 

The experience of wine is entangled in the evolution of our individual, familial, and community relationship with food.  The enjoyment of wine engages all our senses, this is will pair properly to set and tone the mood and manner of the experience you discuss with me. 

I will listen intently, and value what I hear. 

Whether it is a day home alone with a TV dinner after a late day at work, or making sure you have something for your big super bowl party that goes with wings but more importantly is palatable for your enjoyment but doesn’t hurt your pocket when others water it down with soda.   

I’ll make sure I deliver it to you personally in a fashionable and timely manner to ease your mind. 

Kimmie, KimoWino