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Friday July 19th
Friday August 23rd



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TONIGHT! SIGN UP BEFORE 7:30pm! follow this link for LADIES FREE BEFORE MIDNIGHT & reduced admission at door for THE SELECTORS: djmasda, Taimur, Arvi ❗️need names by 7:30pm❗️
[closed at 7:30pm] GUEST LIST SIGN UP @ <>

[OPEN till 11:00pm] affordable tickets @
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“If you’ve ever experienced the sunrise at a warehouse party in Brooklyn, you were likely walking out of one of Taimur Agha’s productions.” -RA

“Being based in Berlin as well as in Tokyo makes (dj Masda) a regular guest at Europe’s and Asia’s destinations for advanced clubmusic.” -RA

djmasda ♪

taimur ♪

arvi ♪

NYC location 🤫🤭 will be summer vibes w the obvious underground homies, Taimur & Arvi + the realest live club dj, djmasda,

If you are in the District, the skilled ones will be at the 6 year anniversary of Flash:

If you are overseas, German techno friends, you should be here:
& here: